Titanfall Atlas Headset – A Complete Review

by admin on January 6, 2016

With the recent release of Turtle Beach’s Titanfall for the PC and Xbox One, it’s no surprise that high-end headset designing companies are already jumping on board to sell tie-in hardware. The recent launch by Turtle beach has got all heads high with its high end gaming headset called the Titanfall Atlas.

In terms of style, the Titanfall Atlas takes inspiration from its own name, combining bright blues with muted greys, and hint of reds to create an attractive peripheral. The model ensures fast-paced, vertical warfare, built specifically for the official game. It makes you feel every footfall clearly of your massive Titan, lets you pinpoint the locations of the enemy, and stay in communication with pilots effectively, as you fight to gain control of the Frontier. The headset is compatible with Xbox 360,Xbox One,and PC

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Turtle Beach- Audio Advantage

The sound quality is so clear and crisp that you can easily dominate the first person fast-paced shooter Titan-fall on either of the platform you choose. You’ll be able to clearly pick up on the all audio cues like warning sounds and also get advantages in Frontier communications with your teammates. The best part is the versatility the game offers which includes the Xbox One Audio Adapter for 360 and one players and powerful amp for PC and Xbox 360 players. In addition to it, you can use 3.5mm plug given on the headset on almost any laptop or mobile device, which makes the Titanfall Atlas the very last headset that you will need for the whole purpose.

Specifically designed and built for Xbox One, the headsets are compatible with Xbox 360 and PC. They work with all the latest versions of the game – Titanfall. The headphones are also tuned to deliver high quality performance audio directly from the Xbox One Audio Adapter.

The unsurpassed audio quality will let you dominate the Titanfall’s Frontier with the chosen teammates. The headsets features high-quality and removable mic for chat, which can also be used on Xbox One,Xbox LIVE and Skype. You can also mix volumes according to your usability with easy buttons.

Design and Functionality

The design and functionality lets you disconnect the headsets from the audio adapter or amp easily to use on other gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, and/or other portable game devices. The model also boasts separate game volume control, chat volume control and built-in Bass Boost. All these features add more punch and depth to the audio of the game. Best part is that Xbox One players can also leave the amp or audio adapter connected to their PCs for PC gaming and Skype calls, which means you can get the benefit of two headsets in one gadget! Breathable mesh cushions given on ear cups seamlessly rotate-to-flat for comfortable wearing around the neck even during house full range 50 mm speakers functioning at their best.
Our Verdict

If you live with your friends and siblings and simply enjoy playing games in your free time, without risking private space of roommates, parents, siblings and neighbours, then it will be worth investing in Titanfall Atlas headset. These pretty much cover everything that you would need from a quality Xbox One gaming headset. These are durable, light and extremely comfortable to wear. The new Titanfall Atlas headset

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